Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Anna Laura's Hair Cut

The other morning Anna Laura came up to our room. She knows not to come out of her room before her clock says 7 although we have been awoken by her in the middle of the night before.

Well, this morning was special because she asked if we noticed that she... gulp... cut her hair. The girls have pigtails a lot and we use scissors to cut out the rubber bands - scissors which I left on her night table the night before.

As you can see in the picture there's nothing she can do to make her not cute, but her hair will be months in the recovery. There's a good 2 inch gap smack in the middle of her bangs right down to the scalp.

Yeah, it could have been worse.

Kyndall uses the nice technique (as you can see in the fairy photo) of head bands these days and its out of the woodwork that people I meet volunteer that their kids have done the same. Hilarious.

Kyndall took Anna Laura to Kid's Cuts and the lady (I think) felt so sorry for us she didn't charge us for trying to do whatever she could - not much in this case.

After her scornful punishment she's likely to never repeat this, but we're (meaning I) more careful these days with potential tools that in the wrong little hands will mean months of goofy pictures.

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