Saturday, November 12, 2005

Learning to Write

It's hard for me to really believe it, but Anna Laura has learned to write her own name. It was just a few weeks ago that she became obsessed with coloring because she was suddenly able to color in the lines and coloring was very rewarding to her. Now, she's writing her name.

What's more, she knows the phonetic value of almost every letter in the alphabet. It's been a month or so now but she can sound out simple words all by herself. Hard things like CH and SH throw her for a loop, but she's only 3.

Her sign language (which was supposed to help her as a baby but she started speaking too soon) has come back and she can spell simple words with her hands. She and her sister amaze me.

The image in this blog is a postcard she wrote (and Alexandria colored) for their Aunt. I just had to scan it in before we let it leave the house.

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