Friday, October 24, 2008

Enter Star Trek Next

Just as I was getting psyched for the next James Bond, along comes updates from the Star Trek set.

Above: Captain Kirk helms the bridge.

In 2005, JJ Abrams, the mastermind behind Alias - my previously favorite weekly - agreed to resuscitate the dwindling Star Trek franchise. I, for one, could not have been more please. Abrams directed Mission Impossible 3 after Tom Cruise became addicted to Alias. During filming, Abram's series, Lost, appeared on televisions, panicking us about numbers and polar bears in Hawaii. It was beautiful.

And so what's the news? Time travel. Seriously, can Star Trek be Star Trek without time travel? It's hard to imagine. Still, the delicate topic seems born in the Star Trek universe - and refined therein. Star Trek is science fiction for smart people, at first. After a little watching, it is science fiction for deeper, even emotional people. As Romulans wrestle with early Star Trek characters in the forthcoming movie (May 2009), I'll relish the reinvigoration of a universe that molded my childhood.

You might already know who Randy Pausche is. He wrote The Last Lecture and since died from pancreatic cancer. He was quite a man, very positive. How much more the better is Star Trek? How much more the greater can I brag on Star Trek? But for to have Randy cameo the film? Kudos to JJ Abrams for having enabling such a treasure in the canon of Star Trek optimism. Frankly, I'm psyched.

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