Thursday, October 06, 2005

Alias Season Five has Started

Alias Season Five has started.

I think it is fair to mention that most shows don't make it past their first season. Yet here we are in the fifth season of Alias. And yet here I am complaining about Alias and still watching it religiously.

The first episode killed Michael, told us Sydney was pregnant, hid Nadia in a coma somewhere, poked Arvin in prison, and did a poor job of introducing some new cast.

The second episode killed the new bad guy (in Alias fashion I might add), took Weiss from the show and introduced Michael's replacement by way of a bar room fight that he lost.

What I read was that the first eight episodes were shot immediately after the forth season before Jennifer Garner was incapacitated by her pregnancy. She came back to shoot some sitting down episodes later and there will be reruns for a while until she is back on her feet. I imagine that's when we'll see our first episodes without Jennifer.

It's official that Jennifer Garner will not be in Season Six if there is to be such a thing.

Right now, I have to give the first episode a very high grade. The second episode had some cool stuff in it, like the Stealth Bomber (although hard to believe). But the prospect for the season right now is not promising, but I will remain faithful - as I have for 4 years already.

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