Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Undeniably Providential

There are times, people and events which are undeniably providential. I've had plenty; a riddled life with endless "coincidences" to which I am the timeless beneficiary. From my parents, schools, to my family today my life's continuum is clearly marked with direction, impact and intercession.

Following our wedding, Kyndall and I decided to move to Colorado; but before we settled down we'd inject a 2 year stint in Washington DC, and so in 1998 we moved to Alexandria, VA.

Being who we are, our first three tasks were to find a job, find a home and find a church. We did. Downtown Baptist Church in Old Towne Alexandria was our new church home where we met two couples we would never forget.

Newlyweds James and Sindy Maxwell were a splendid mix of a southern girl and a really southern boy (from New Zealand), through whom we met Chuck and April Whitlock with their son Charlie and to-be-born daughter, MacKensie. I believe we moved to Virginia for those two years for the sole purpose of meeting and befriending the Maxwell's and the Whitlock's.

We've all left Virginia now. Kyndall and I moved to Colorado after the Maxwell's moved to Tennessee and the Whitlock's moved to Kentucky. All good things must come to an end. Soon we all had children, new careers and other distractions. Time passes, but things don't change - at least not for us.

Last weekend April threw Chuck a surprise birthday party to which I flew (leaving Kyndall behind) and the Maxwell's drove up from Tennessee. We all spent the weekend together and it reminded us all how much we loved each other. It surprised us all how little we had changed, and it bothered us all how we pine to live closer to each other than we do.

There are times, people and events which are undeniably providential. I really believe moving to Virginia and meeting the guys is one of the bigger dots on my map.

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