Monday, December 04, 2006

Potential Plot

I really love coming up with Science Fiction plots.

There's nothing new under the sun, but I have never heard of one like this before.

Potential Plot:

An astronomer mysteriously receives a message of “help” from a distant something.

He learns that an advanced people have developed tremendous sciences.

They have concluded in 100 years an inevitable galactic event will devastate their world.

These humbled people are frail, small, and in every way physically inferior to humans.

These people’s resource-poor planet gives no options for evacuation.

They have contacted Earth through this astronomer for help.

They have a plan to transfer Earth’s resources to construct life boats.

Potential difficulties:
  1. Their resource needs will nearly deplete those of Earth’s
  2. The evacuation is unproven and potentially unlikely.
  3. They have no destination for their evacuation.
  4. Earth countries must cooperate to provide mixed resources.
  5. These people’s galaxy is not visible from Earth.
  6. Their technologies have obvious military application.
  7. They have a century’s-old cast of humanoid slaves.


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