Monday, December 04, 2006

Potential Plot (2)

Here we go again with another potential plot:

Potential plot:

A group of explorers discover scientists (who are orbiting a star in a research facility) working on a power supply they call the Star Chain.

The Star Chain is a theory that a special type of matter, called Red Matter, emitted during the Big Bang was focused in certain region which contaminated a series of stars.

These scientists have identified a “chain” of stars throughout this and nearby galaxies with a concentration of Red Matter.

Using Red Matter, these scientists believe they can control sufficient energies to manipulate the fabric of reality and travel through time.

Potential difficulties:

A. The explorers learn the scientists destroy stars to collect Red Mater
B. The explorers learn the scientists have destroyed multiple stars already
C. The explorers realize this star has an inhabited system
D. The explorers realize Earth’s sun has concentrated Red Matter
E. The explorers learn the scientists are motivated to reverse a past tragedy
F. The explorers learn the scientists are insane
G. The explorers learn these scientists are just one team of many

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