Thursday, March 30, 2006

There are circles around everyone, even you

There are circles around everyone, even you, even me. Depending, these circles can be small; and for others circle boundaries can be well-defended walls.

One circle encompasses our true friends; they are the ones you trust, the ones in whom you confide and the ones on whom you lean in times of joy and pain.

Another circle houses the people you really like. These can even include business acquaintances and colleagues. Although you can cherish this circle, its membership can be transient.

Another circle is your circle of influence. These are your contacts and people who, although you know, you have not engaged in any personal way. This circle is not only larger, its membership is not always known to you (oddly enough).

The point here is the inner circle of friends. Your influence and acquaintances are important but their influence on you as a person is limited. Your inner circle on the other hand is "designed" to conform you to who you should be.

Unfortunately, vinegar makes the best cookies bad.

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