Saturday, March 25, 2006

I had always hoped I would spend my life with a poet

There are different types of people in the world. Some enjoy having music as a backdrop, some prefer silence and then people like me find music is a (if not the) source of energy. I think the meter, the measure, the lyrics and harmony all play into that.

Kyndall and I have will see the movie Curious George tonight with the girls. Was it because we love the books? Was it because we love the stories? Was it the characters? Or is it the Jack Johnson soundtrack? It's hard to really say.

This link will likely not last forever, but here's a link to the Jack Johnson music video available on the kid's web site Noggin: Music Video

Anyway, here's what I am getting at; eight years ago this year Kyndall and I sat at our rehearsal dinner in the Basin Park hotel. Once our parents expired their stage for speeches, I stood with my hands on Kyndall's shoulders said the common pleasantries, finishing with this:

"I had always hoped I would spend my life with a poet, but instead I fell in love with Kyndall. [Pause for disconcerted giggling] A poet jots about life's subtleties, fortunes and circumstances. But Kyndall is not the poet I thought I wanted. I now see that Kyndall is the 'poem' God has wanted, planned and prepared for me. I wanted life with a poet, but God gave me a life within a poem."

Eight years later, Kyndall doesn't recall my couplet masterpiece; I would have to say she's the kind of poem that doesn't always rhyme, but I was right about being wrong and I still am today.

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