Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Three Lunches

I had lunch yesterday with a colleague who tongue-in-cheek commented that having a high number of “religious” people in our company might help him when the time comes. Smiling, I said with a somber tone that I doubted it, he begrudgingly agreed and we moved on.

It’s upsetting to consider how many hope their associations, esp. with the “religious” type, will play some role in their final judgment. This is quite common with husbands relying on their wife’s piety for their own justification.

Today at lunch a customer confidently referenced that I did not drink, while I was sure we had never discussed it. Similarly, at last Sunday’s lunch with our church’s guest speaker we discussed how works don’t save a person but are a reflection of salvation.

I am not going to tread on the merits and follies of alcohol, but it warmed my heart to be associated with those who abstain without having to claim it outright. Whichever side you fall on that issue, it won’t get you in or keep you out of eternity; and, neither will the fact that I don’t.

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