Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Homemade Christmas Cards

We finished our Christmas card this year. Like every year we have been married, we hand-made our card. It's a challenge to come up with something relevant each year, but it always pays off in the end. I though it might be fun to revisit some of the old images of Christmas past.

1998 - inside read "Jesus"

1999 - inside read "Jesus"

2000 - inside read "Jesus"



2002 - We based it off this cartoon


2004 (this year)


Anonymous said...

Do I see a Star Trek insignia in the stars (2004 Christmas Card) ? - DN

Karen said...

We are fast approaching the time for gift giving, sending Christmas cards, and throwing parties. Man do I love this time of year. I just wanted to let you know that over the year I have enjoyed reading your posts. I am not one for posting comments myself very much, but I just wanted to say hi, and how much I have enjoyed your blog.