Wednesday, April 25, 2001

No Title 5

And so it has begun. First, the Eibergers have their little girl. Then, the Cains get pregnant and have their little girl. Then Kyndall's bother has his little girl. Then the Mirakian tells me they're having one, and now Schwepler, too. Shoot, even Dave will have a daughter in a few months.

It looks to me like the whole lot of 'em are jumping off bridges and everyone looks my way to see if I wanna try for a swim. It's silliness. Let's see, who's left? Jason, naturally, he's single - for a while, at least. Then Paul seems to intercept the whole subject matter in plenty of advance. Then there's Mayfield, no-wait, he has one. Niccore's ... well, they're pregnant in New Zealand.

Ah, Steve Porter - he's bound to not be pregnant, being a man and all. (a man and tall?) So, let's see, Greg's not - now, wait, I can't go counting all the single people I know and say the numbers are looking better for the unbirthed. Sticking to non-singles counts out Steve, of course, and Jason and Greg - and all the others on the list.

Sheesh, Helms has a huge litter and the Whitlocks are Three's Company. James is on my side, but that's not by choice. My only compatriot seems to be Paul. Everyone else is changing diapers at midnight.

Well, the facts are simple. Time and tide wait for no man. I guess we have the Getchells here in CO, so we're up to ... two. Now, come on. Two?

It's a fertility festival out there, and I'm getting scared to open the door in case to catch a cold or something. Let me tell you, man, how questions seem to inordinately surface in conversations with family and in-laws after a sibling bears forth from seed. It's scary.

Something like, "How's the weather, are you thinking about children?" Or, the old faithful, "So, you're pregnant? No, wait that was another friend, but while we're on the subject..." or the insidious "Don't you like children?"

Everyone thinks they are oh-so clever. A little too much Sesame Street in online greeting cards - ya know? Who's the one who looks like the retard in this picture? Me? Is it my hair or something? We're getting out of hand with this power of suggestion stuff.

Well, Kyndall is out of town this week on a tour in DC again. She's been gone since way too early on Sunday (I drove her to the airport) and well, absence not only makes the heart grow fonder but absence is a great motivator for abstinence! Ha! No products from that equation; let me tell ya.

So, I have been catching up on lame science fiction movies while Kyndall's been pushing around little ones from monument to monument. We get the sci-fi channel here, and man, there's a lot out there. I watched the Babylon 5 movie, as well as six others I rented on Monday. The plots in sci-fi movies are either obvious or spectacularly unexpected, however, the formula is always the same.

If it's aliens, there's either a war or an invasion. If there's time travel, there's always a paradox. If it's magic, there's always a nemesis. And, no fail, there's always a girl scene. I don't get it, really - they never add to the plot, but I suppose if I think of the Joes who are the sci-fi type, an alien in a mini-skirt may be the closest they come to kissing a girl anyway.

Then there's development. You know, I am a web developer - and that's what I do; develop. So, there're all these little projects out there I want to finish 'em all, but I can never focus on any of them.

You'd think - well I would at least - that while Kyndall is gone and the mice can play, all sorts of things that are labeled "for later" would get pushed to the top of the stack, right? Instead, I'm the one re-wearing yesterday's socks, and rushing to take out the trash before she walks in the door on Thursday. It's silliness.

So, I end up staying late at work. And for what? Am I paid by the hour? No. I am not. I just sit there, google-eyed at my laptop thinking that the next link will take me to that one Omega Particle of a web page that will make a 12 hour day of surfing worth while. Silliness.

But, ya know, I am not complaining. I am really lucky, and I know it. I get to come in late and leave late from a job I love to do. I love to do it and I am even a little talented. I work with good people, and probably will be involved in some cool projects soon.

Ha, it's like that kid in that song "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda" who says, "Camp is great, and the counselors say we'll have fun when it stops raining!" That's a pretty cute song; I had it on a record (will my kids even know what that is?) - who mentioned children? See what I mean?

Did I mention that Microsoft purchased my old company, iCommunicate? Yep, it's true. Effective like a week ago or something, and they all moved to Redmond. Is that crazy or no? I asked myself, if I were given the opportunity, would I move to Redmond? I don't really know. Well, shoot; I probably would in the fullness of time.

Well, this has been a stream of consciousness entry. Hope you don't mind.

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