Friday, December 18, 2009

A Real Christmas Tree

This year we managed to get the best, real Christmas tree ever. A nice, full fern brightens our living room even now. It hardly reminding us of the –6 (that negative 6 Fahrenheit, ouch!) weather we faced to get it.


In the photo above, Anna Laura, Alexandria, and Jeri Anna wait patiently, and warm, in the car while Kyndall and I tie down the tree on top of our car. After 9 years of fun with the forest service, we have a nice routine in place.

This year we invited our church’s new pastor. He and his family (from California) came a tad unprepared and left just before frost bite. Our normal campfire kept everyone tolerably warm, but we didn’t wait for hot chocolate.

2009XMASFIREIn the photo above, Pastor Jeff’s family tries to melt their tennis shoes, moist and cold from the tundra’s trudge to find their own Charlie Brown-rival. They’ll need to add show boots to this year’s Christmas list.

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