Saturday, September 20, 2008

What are YOU saying?

This Presidential election thing brings up more examples of how people have "learned" to disrespect the fundamentals of liberty and democracy. Here's what I am hearing:

"George Bush is an idiot"

This is stupid and awful. It's stupid because he's a man who's able to accomplish what 300M others only dream about. He's obviously successful in business and politics on a level none of us could play. And the statement is awful because it demeans the highest office in our land - making it subject to the commentaries of the shallow.

"If McCain wins I will move to another country"
"If Obama wins I will move to another country"

These are stupid. Stupid because it shows how ignorant people are of the world to think there are better options - a place where opportunity remains this high? liberties are this free? prosperity is this deep? and fundamental government is this honoring of its polity? Please. Even Canada can't boast that.

"George Bush is not my President"

This is awful. If you feel the entitled right to be able to participate in the political process - as all Americans do - then you equally have the duty to honor the outcome of that process that welcomes your influence. If Obama is elected, he will be MY President. If McCain is elected, he will be MY President. To say otherwise is anti-American in the most pure sense.

"My vote does not count"

This is true. A vote is inanimate and can't do anything - let alone count. But your vote does matter. We are a republic, our votes are aggregated into an electoral college guided by the sum of our will, yet capable of preventing mass hysteria from wrecking our political system. Your vote matters and when you don't vote, one opposing vote counts as two. Consider that.

"George Bush has wrecked our economy"

This is stupid. Anyone who thinks the president - a single man/office - has the wherewithal or influence to improve/wreck an economy the size of the United States is uneducated. To that end, many ills are the result of corporate greed. And many others are the result of lazy/evil congressional career politicians and idiots in the Federal Reserve.

"Obama will wreck the United States"

This is awful. If you are conservative and you think Obama's liberal ways are the end of America, you have underestimated America and the check/balance system put in place by our founding fathers. If you are liberal and you think Obama's liberal ways will set America straight, you have a hard lesson coming at the end of four years - if he becomes president.

"This is the most important election"

This is stupid. Everyone likes to think that today is the most important time. Every presidential election has been the most important. If it is not what is happening then it is what is going to happen. This is a selfish statement and a little adolescent. Frankly, the right to vote is a duty and should never be neglected - even in the LEAST important election.

"Obama will lose because he is black"

This is just lame. Obama will win on his merit, and lose on his merit. And be fair to his opponent. If McCain becomes president - that's fair and square. Don't belittle a victory by saying anyone else would have otherwise one if his race were different. It's a matter of disrespect and ungentlemanly behavior. Just let the candidates try their best on who they are - don't give them a way out.

"McCain is a war monger"

This is stupid. For one, it is my experience that people with threatening experience in war typically hate war on an irrational level. It is also false to characterize McCain's rigid approach to the world as aggressive without contrasting Obama's acquiescing approach to the world as weak. Let's just acknowledge their differences and space the name calling. It's retarded.

Here's a cartoon I like:


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