Saturday, March 29, 2008

Forget the past

It's not the first time Song lyrics poetically say something common.

I have heard said many times: history is the best indicator of the future. The logical problems with are astounding - consider the history of lottery numbers as an indicator of future numbers, hilarious. You might amend the quip as "history of human action is the best..." but I don't want to talk about that now; it's casually correct but holistically flawed. Nonetheless, it is a typically held axiom.

The same with the idea of "history repeating" and "circle of life" and "second verse same as the first". These time traveling statements intimate that what is happening is happening inevitably because it has already once happened. Once again it is foolishness spread by the masses who never introspect such gibberish to evaluate their implications on causality, determinism, free will, and simple logic.

The point I am getting to, however, is nothing to do with those. It has to do with what music I am listening to lately. Specifically, Maria Taylor's album 11:11. The enjoyable song Birmingham 1982 has the following lyrics, which do NOT have logical holes, in part because they do not claim tautological status. They go:

  Fireflies, four-leaf clovers
  Fingerpainted skin
  We don't know where we're going
  We'll get nowhere if we've forgotten where we've been

Beautiful isn't it? Add the ethereal female voice that delivers them and they are truly pleasant. I like the lyrics - what they say and how they are phrased. You may like them too. You may not. I easily recommend the album - but preview it on Amazon first if you worry our tastes do not overlap.

By the way, if you get the album, listen to my favorite song on it: "One for the stakeholder". I have listened to it about four or five hundred times now. I am not sure what it is trying to say, but it's meter and delivery are very toe tapping.

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