Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bird Brains

About an hour ago I sat at my desk and noticed a bird looking at me through the window. It was a robin. About 10 minutes later, I noticed the a bird looking at me through another window. The robin. Again and again it moved from branch to branch getting a better look at me. I felt a little vulnerable.

About 30 minutes into the surveilling I noticed the robin looking at me through two windows at the same time. For a brief moment I felt at ease realizing a gaggle of robins was in my yard. At ease, that is, until a robin struck my window.

It was a Hitchcock moment, and it happened twice, then thrice. Somehow, I surmised, the branch let the robin see his reflection. When he was looking, he puffed and stiffened like a forth grade bus ride staring contest. Every so often, he would strike out - only to get put down by his invincible foe.

I am writing this blog while robins continue to flutter throughout the yard and knock at my window. I suppose I could be reading this situation wrong and am in significant danger. Still, until they peck me to death - it's the Nature Channel out my window.

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