Monday, October 02, 2006 Cartoon - JUDGEMENT Cartoons of the Week--Sept.18-24,2006(2)

How ignorant people are. This cartoon proves it. Even Time magazine prints something so false.

Nevermind the anti-Catholic tone (I am not Catholic, but sheesh), this cartoon pushes the idiocy that judgement is forbidden - and by the Bible.

Christians are not forbidden to judge, they are required to. The problem is what people call judgement.

If someone is doing something wrong and you tell them what they are doing is wrong - that is a type of judgement. It's the good kind. If you tell some secularist their sins are wrong they cry "foul" because they do not want accountability for their actions.

However the law, our legal systems, police, judges, politicians, activists groups - and even the secularists crying "foul" routinely, judging the wrongful actions of other people.

Imagine if we didn't.

Imagine if you came to a alley and a girl is being raped and you say, "who am I to judge?" What if a child is be abused, a black man lynched, an innocent man slandered, or some other wrongful thing - imagine turning a blind eye quoting the foolishness of "I cannot judge."

It is idiocy.

Judgement is something we all count on - in fact our very polity exists for it. Many things are hard to agree on (what is right and what is wrong) but then again many things are clearly wrong. To stand idle next to injustice or impropriety is more wrong than the act itself (in some cases).

Note: Judging the ultimate condition of a person's heart is another matter. It cannot be done and should not be attempted. This the Bible comments on. However, people's actions are apparent and msot wrong are the ones who stand silent. This the Bible comments on, too.

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