Thursday, March 03, 2005

Alias: a mid-season pulse

I am not a fair-weather fan. When things get rough, I stick through – at least typically. Alias had a weakening second year and a pathetic third year. Now that we are in the 4th year things are picking up. It’s fair to say that each episode is enjoyable.

Here’s the trouble.

First, Lost is on right before it. Just like the first season of Alias was awesome, the first season of Lost is awesome. When you have the original plots and plot twists still playing out – things are great. Lost will have its day when it relies on clever writers to continue the story just like Alias. But having Lost before Alias makes me yearn for the first season of Alias even more.

Second, Alias is taking its time getting into the Rambaldi sub plot. I know some think Rambaldi is to blame for the weak 3rd season, but I say Rambaldi is all the 3rd season had going for it. This 4th season needs to get up and start delivering more Rambaldi fun.

Third, is the cast not trying as hard? I don’t know the first thing about acting or the first thing about rating actors (except the sickening performances of Ben Afleck) but it seems to me that all the cast has the cold or something and aren’t really getting into their characters very well. Is the direction bad or something? I don’t know. The first few shows were awesome, then they started to thin out a little. What’s the deal?

Finally, remember that fun episode in Sydney’s pad when she threw the birthday party? What happened to those days? What happened to that fun? What happened to that set? The most ever see anymore is the occasional sitting at the breakfast bar; bring back the coolness.

What’s the conclusion?

Alias is a great show, but right now: it doesn’t “Rock!”

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