Saturday, February 12, 2005

Snow Sledding with Anna Laura

I’m not sure how it worked out but Denver is a city that spans miles and miles with millions and millions of people, yet still her best sledding hill in my neck of the woods! Granted, when you live in the mountains the odds of having the best hills are a little tilted.

This afternoon I huffed up the hill at Meyer Ranch where everyone goes to sled. People from Conifer and people from Denver who don’t seem to mind the 20 minute drive. The fact is, this sledding hill is wide, steep and – best of all – faces south(ish) so the snow tends to stay for a long time.

I tool Anna Laura with me. It was her first time to sled and although a part of me was nervous, I wasn’t really nervous at all. The weather was warm, the sky was pretty clear and there were tons of other kids making their way down and then back up the long hill.

It was a real winner. Anna Laura laughed and screamed the whole way down; I drug my hands a little to prolong the ride – there’s no reason to burn down the hill with a 2 year old. We only made the trip twice but I’ll bet it imbedded in her little memory quite deep.

She sure had fun. I had fun, too.

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