Thursday, January 13, 2005

My Comments on Alias Season 4 Episode 1

I simply must comment on Alias Season 4 Episode 1 before I see 2 (I taped it for tonight’s Alias party). Too many times I have said that the first 5 episodes of Season 1 are what have kept me through the weaker episodes of Season 3 (and sometimes Season 2). Now Season 4 can inspire me to renew my vows.

What I liked about S04E01 was: the gang is back. I admit it was hard to swallow the SD-6 replay but they dedicated two hours of Sydney’s angst to it and after a while I just let the Suspension of Disbelief take over and enjoyed the new plot direction.

What I did not like about S04E01 was: the weak episode. They are up to their bad habits of killing cool bad guys the moment we start to like them. They also had some really weak dialog in this episode.

Not to nit pick but it seems the “secret” entrance to APO is a little easy to spot and a little hard to get to during rush hour. Not smart placement if you ask me; but hey, it’s not my job to build secret black op lairs.

I will grant amnesty to Alias only because I realize that this episode was trying to change the direction of a pretty big ship, which it accomplished – and kudos for the perfunctory mention of Rambaldi.

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