Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I was just listening to an interview of Steven Gregg author of, Revelation: Four Views, a commentary on the four eschatological views of the Book of Revelations. I did recall these from college, but I thought I might summarize them here for you now:
  1. Preterist - The Book of Revelation is about the time of John; forecasting the fall of Jerusalem, the end of the Roman Empire and the conversion of Emperor Constatine.
  2. Historicist - The Book of Revelation is the store of the Christian Church through all time, chronicling events that had, were and would happen.
  3. Idealist - The Book of Revelation is not intended to be an account real events but rather to communicate principles and truths which are universally valid in Christian experience.
  4. Futurist - The Book of Revelation is a foretelling of events yet to occur; is is largely a prophecy of events still to come, especially just prior to the return of Christ.

The Futurist view, which is popularly held by most evangelicals was once uncommon. Tim Lehaye, author of the Left Behind books holds this view. Historic reformationists typically held the Historicist position.

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Tammy Eiberger said...


Long time, no chat. There is so much to catch up on and for that reason I am grateful to you for taking the time and effort to update your website periodically. I am grateful to you and Kyndall for your love of Jesus, for your reflective and philosophical nature; for your care and compassion for other people.

I read your "blogs" and they got me thinking. How interesting, your comments entitled "Solafidianism!" The end of October, I had an amazing spiritual experience; meaning, God poured into my physical body the Holy Spirit. Now, after calling myself a Christian for 16 years, I can say with triumph, "I can see! I can walk!" Saturday October 30th 2004, I was truly in the presence of a holy and almighty God and He did not strike me dead! Because of His grace and mercy given to me through the blood of Jesus Christ, all my sins are covered and I am alive today to tell everyone who will listen my story of salvation!! Praise God!

So, when I became baptized (in a Baptist church) at the age of 16, was I then NOT a believer until God poured the Holy Spirit into me in 2004? Did I just now "become" a Christian October 30th, 2004? What does my life story mean in terms of "sanctification?" Did Adam, then, marry an unbeliever? (The story of events leading up to October 30th is quite lengthy and tedious).

I can say with unequivocal emphasis that, for the first time in my life, I have JOY!! Peace. Contentment. I now know truly the purpose and meaning of my life. The guilt, shame, despair and hopelessnes which once clouded my being are gone, gone, gone!!

Never before have I been more aware of Satan than in the last few weeks. I fear him (fear in the sense that I feel in my gut I want to RUN from him and seek shelter). He is wandering around like a lion, seeking anyone to devour.

Since my conversion (end of October), I have been thinking of Martin Luther, the Reformation, Reformed Theology and I cannot push from my mind the duality of the creation story and eschatology, and the impact these two have upon our understanding of "free will" vs. "predestination" and thus, the impact all of this has on our understanding/interpretation of Scriptures. I have been reading what I can and thinking/reflecting upon eschatology, especially. I found your comments on "Preterism" insightful.

To converse with you and Kyndall would be my greatest pleasure. I hope you four are doing well. I am alive! I am a new creature. The woman who used to be me is dead, and Christ has made me alive. Laura Belle is doing wonderful. She turned 5 on October 16; she is growing in body, mind and emotion. She is learning about God in her Sunday School class and her preschool (associated with PVBC). Adam is still working for Bob Clements at Impact Training Solutions, but we are struggling financially because for whatever reason, his sales deals are not closing. We are seeking God's guidance at these crossroads (do we stay with ITS or do we move on to something else) because what often seems to us humans as an obvious answer/solution many times is not. God's imagination and problem solving abilities are far beyond anything I can comprehend. In short, to use a hackneyed phrase, He is really good at "thinking outside the box."

May I suggest something to you? On your "Preterism" commentary, I noticed that you spelled the final book of the Bible as "Revelations." I could be mistaken, but I do think that it is spelled without an "s" at the end, and in sermons and speeches is also referred to as "the book of Revelation."

Also, the author of the Left Behind series is Tim Lahaye rather than "Lehey." I only mention it in case someone reads your comments and tries to do a search on this author using your current spelling. Hopefully, this will help future readers. :-)

Peace, Jerry. Are you and your family visiting Kansas City in December? Next month? It would be a joy to fellowship with you (and possibly other college friends).

Tammy Eiberger