Sunday, October 10, 2004

40 Days of Community is Starting

Our church Elk Creek started the 40 Days of Community campaign today. Kyndall and I have agreed to host a small group (one of ten in the church) to which it looks like 4 other couples will be attending.

Since Kyndall is out of town it is up to me to clean up the homestead from the XBox party I had last night. I also need to get a little sleep as XBox parties tend to deprive you of the shut eye. Well, I think things are in order. I have some food on hand and the videos which are used as the material are ready to be shown.

Both of us are starting to get more involved in our local church. It took us about a year to square away our life with kids, but the routine we have is stable enough that getting involved is not quite the over-extension of our time that it was.