Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Another Quick Girl Update

Alexandria's personality is coming along quite nicely. When I go get her in the morning or when Kyndall gets her after a nap she just smiles as big as she can ' like long lost friends have finally been reunited.
Alexandria sits as far forward in her swing as the strap will let her. She stays glued like that all through Baby Einstein as if she doesn't want to miss a single word ' not that she hasn't seen the same video almost every day of her life.

Alexandria is a really messy eater, but as messy as she is, it's amazing her dish actually gets empty, but it does. Her latest flavor, green beans, has gone down the best so far.

Alexandria learned to hold her bottle far earlier than Anna Laura ever did. Maybe because of necessity, but the other day I got her bottle ready and ran across the room to get something. A second later I return only to find her guzzling away; she had rolled over, picked up the bottle and assumed the position. Did I mention she's only 6 months'

Alexandria is long. She still has 6 more months before we should get a new car seat for her ' at least that's when we did for Anna Laura ' but she's already stretching her feet far past the edge. It can't be much longer.

With Anna Laura as a sister, Alexandria gets a lot of 'me time' to just sit and contemplate the universe. Sometimes when I am feeding Anna Laura or something, and Alexandria is pensively sitting across the room I will catch her eye and she will laugh and scream as a cast away seeing an airplane.

Anna Laura and Alexandria's diapers are very hard to tell apart. They are nearly the same size, even though they are #2 and #4, and they are both Huggies. We usually can tell them apart, but when we pick them up from the church nursery, Alexandria is almost inevitably wearing Anna Laura's diaper and Anna Laura is wearing Alexandria's.

Anna Laura is now tall enough to rest her elbows on the windows and just stand there staring outside. The other day, she pointed out the window and announced, 'Dog!' but Kyndall explained 'Fox' but it didn't likely sink in.

Yesterday was a trip to the Denver Aquarium. Alexandria was dazzled by the lights and sounds, but Anna Laura was determined to count the fish and say 'Hi Fish' to ever single one of them. It was cute, until she wanted to say 'Bye Fish' to every single one of them.

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