Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Kids and the Creator

Having children will change who you are, at least it did me. In a short year and a half I became someone else almost twice. To a certain degree, I have returned to who I originally was, just without some of my rougher points.
Back then, I was happy with whom I had grown to be; looking back, I am thankful having stopped being that prior Jerry and becoming this Jerry; a littler older, granted, but a better guy all around ' at least looking in my mirror.

One of the things I have come to understand, however, is the keen ability God had to do things right. For example:

God knew what He was doing when...

* He made babies sleep a lot.
* He made children weaker than their parents.
* He made children light.
* He made kids not too fragile.
* He made pregnant women sleepless.
* He made kids laugh a lot.
* He made children know less than their parents.
* He made breast milk non-staining.

There are some things I have to simply believe in faith, I realize. But on occasion, I really wonder what God was up to. For example:

What was He thinking when...

* He made baby finger nails little razor blades?
* He made baby's preferred communication crying?
* He made children so clumsy?
* He made kid's want to be held all the time?
* He made siblings so jealous?
* What was He thinking to do that to a woman's body?

Now, I realize there are a lot more items to question insofar as things that I do, but it's fun to think about how the universal plan of mankind unfolds ever so slightly in my very own downstairs nursery.


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