Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Awaiting a new delivery

Today was a very big day - while Kyndall was dawdling on the Internet I picked up the phone and ordered a brand new desktop computer from micron pc. It was a very big day.

Then, when we were driving home from downtown, Kyndall mentioned that I was patient to get this new computer. After all, we have had our current computer for a month less than four years - longer than we have been married. Even my mother has a faster computer.

Then I started to think. This may sound funny, but in these years since college, I have been trying to develop a new character trait that I was short - patients. When Kyndall pointed out that I was patient, I started to consider if I was truly patient or bound by the economics.

As it turns out, I am actually becoming a patient person. It's pleasing.

Well, Paul Cooper and I work together. At least we do until Thursday. On Thursday, Paul will leave Integro and go work for Garmin with Mike Mayfield. It's possibly the smartest thing Paul could have ever done. I'll miss him, but I would do the same thing.

My digital camera was stolen. Did I mention that? It was taken right out of Kyndall's luggage in DIA airport. Simply put: Vanguard Airlines sucks donkeys.

I suppose the bright side is that I will be getting a new digital camera. This DC290 was just barely a year old when lost - and it replaced the DC265 that we left in a rental car in Virginia when the Wasson's were in town. In a few days, the DC4800 will arrive to usurp the king camera and ascend the throne.

Be prepared for an onslaught of new photos, too. We have ignored putting new pics on the site because we have been busy and lazy (more of the latter) but last weekend we prepared a few months worth and you'll soon see them on the site. Patience.

Did I mention I was taking the SQL 229 exam and was a little nervous?

So, the new computer has Windows XP Profesional and Office XP Professional - if you have ever seen either you know, this is way too cool, a new OS, a new Browser, a new Media Player, a new Office Suite - let the good times roll.

I was brave. I am experimenting. I bought my first non-Intel processor, if you can imagine. It's the AMD Athlon XP+, which outperforms any Pentium 4 on the market. I know... risky. We'll just have to see.

Prepare yourself. I am about to make an endorsement. If you are looking for a television series to get into this season and are wondering how the junk you've seen made it as far as it has (like Everyone Loves Raymond and Law and Order) look no further. If you simply cannot get into a Star Trek show like Enterprise, try Alias - an cerebral action show about a CIA agent who is a double agent against an illusive and nefarious underground intelligence agency. It's great.

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