Sunday, September 23, 2001

Don't be fooled

Frankly, I am easy to impress.

Have you ever spoken to someone about a restaurant that they have never been to? They say things back like, "hmm, that sounds like it might be good" or something. But when you talk tot them and they have been to that restaurant - and there was not a fly in their soup or something - they say things like, "oh, that's a great place, they have great tuna sandwiches." See, they have only had their tuna sandwich.

Have you ever talked to someone about Europe, or any foreign country? Talk to them about any country to which they have never been and either they would or would not like to go someday. But talk about a country to which they have been, and presto - the country is wonderful, the people are fantastic and some random custom that they quaintly remember they have to bring up.

This Is true about movies, books, TV shows, people, speeches, types of cars - the list is endless; people promote their own experiences to others. The only requirement is that their experiences not have been negative - the requirement is NOT, however, that their experience be particularly good.

I am the same way.

I love Europe. But in a seeming more objective approach, I don't like every country in Europe. But, just like my formula suggests, I don't like Scotland because I was mugged there, I didn't like Czech because I got sick there- and so on. I did like Switzerland, though - a very scenic country. But, beyond all in landscape is Norway.

Having said all that, my favorite country remains Finland. The land of the lakes. The land of the midnight sun. The home to Santa Claus. The mother of the sauna, Lapland and reindeers. Her people are blonde, her industry strong, her architecture genius and her alcoholism rate soaring. Her women are born with the looks of Swedish women and grow up to the looks of Russian women. There's just something about Finland.

Here's the point I was getting at, I am easily impressed. And when I saw the picture here to the side (all the EU flags at half-mast in honor of the US dead), I was impressed again. I don't even care if the EU was genuine, the gesture was impressive.

Frankly, I am easy to impress.

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