Saturday, February 24, 2001

A note about Armada

Just when we (Dave, Paul and I) thought the days of Start Trek: Aramada - the online strategy game - were ending, patch 1.2 came out and made the A.I. opponents nearly impossible to play. We play together, and honestly, we were all enjoying, but getting tired of playing each other and beating the A.I. so easily. Now, we will be luck if three of us together can defeat one. Patch 1.2 is like getting a new game.

You know, what is it with girls and their new fad of memory photo books? It's wierd; I told Kyndall the memory shops look like they used to be kindergarden outlets (that's didn't go over the best), and they have to do the unthinkable - at least in my book - deface photos. I suppose my only suffice is that all our photos are digital, printed (usually at shutterfly) and I have the originals, but I have always thought there was just something wrong with destroying pictures.

With just nine episodes remaining (and in the middle of one of the better cliffhangers) of Star Trek: Voyager, I sure hope that Piler or Okuda or Berman or whoever, make some decisions fast, so I don't go on ST withdraw, after all, we have our children to think of here - what kind of world could we bring our children up in where there is no Star Trek?

I have been wanting to put a place somwhere on the site where I can have opinions - that is, a place where I can ask things like "Is capital punishment morally acceptable?" and post my answer. I think it wuld be interesting to visitors, but moreso, I think it would be beneficial to me to think through (and Biblically research) some of the more plaguing topics in my mind. Look for a new tab, "Thoughts" - if I follow this idea through.

A quick follow-up on the changing, or compressing, of photos on this site. I tried 20% compression for the last large set, and was desperately unhappy with the result. I am confident I will not find myself re-doing them, but the next batch will ease up again, perhaps trying as little as 15% to see the quality (previous images had 1% compression). Just look at the St. Michael's pictures and compare them to the Sri Lanka ones - it's just the previous ones were so beatiful. BTW, I look forward to some great CO weather to hike up a Mt. and bring you some dramatic views. [and me]

Also, I added background music for users who have Media Player 8 installed on their computer. Subtle, but something I think is cool. Easy enough to stop if you don't like it, I suppose.

The spinning star in the background is also new - you like? It is a cool SGL shape I snagged and implemented for my own devices. I think it adds a lot, in a very subdued way. No other serious changes except the new format of the VBScript samples which can now be viewed in the House Frame.

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