Wednesday, November 15, 2000

We made it to Colorado

Well, somehow we made it. With a whopping 4MPG in that rig, it's a wonder. We made it to the Whitlock's in Union, KY just fine. We made it to St. Louis, MO to see Kyndall's Aunt, Uncle, Brother and Sister-in-Law (with child) just fine. We made it to Cuba, MO to see Kyndall's maternal grandparents just fine. We made it to Monett, MO to see Kyndall's parents just fine. We made it to Kansas City to see my parents and hang a little with the guys from college just fine. Kyndall darted early to see her paternal grandparents in Wichita, KS just fine. And, finally, we made it to Roy and Tracy's house in Monument, CO to finally have a place to call home for a short while ... you guessed it, just fine. It was quite a trip.

So, we have been looking feverishly for a house, but to no avail. The market is plum out of the nice ones being given away! We are renting a month-to-month to enable us to keep searching without the time bomb pressure of having to find a place and fine one quick. Probably will save us money in the long run. In the meanwhile, I am in full interview mode. It is a blast to get all the technical interviews and hone the technical wherewithal in my noodle.

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